Alaska Redfish Season – Lodge Happenings!

Redfish SeasonRedfish Season

A few activities here at Alaska Redfish Lodge have certainly gotten me thinking about this upcoming Redfish Season. Weather has been pretty typical with spattered days in the 70’s but mostly the 60’s for daytime highs. We have been able to use the ever popular water slide as long as I fill it with hot water.  It works for me!   We received many calls from our Redfish family regarding the status of the Card Street Fire.  This huge fire missed us by 3 miles but did affect many of our neighbors I am sorry to say.  After hauling everything we could to our neighbors gravel pit we sat and waited and watched.  It was a good preparation for Megan (now just about 9) to learn about what to do in a serious situation.  Family photos, banking items, computers, guns and other important items were packed and removed from the property by Patty Grant our business manager.  The process was done in a calm manner and Megan got a short course in what is truly important in her life! I am happy to report that the fire situation is in a mop up mode at this time.


We have had a few small rain showers but not nearly enough to ease our dry conditions.  Those of you that love the fire pit will be able to enjoy those fireside conversations as small fires in a contained situation will be allowed!

New Additions

There is a new addition at the lodge and her name is Xena.  The kids are enjoying their new puppy and I as well.  She will greet all of you with a wagging tail for sure.

Recent Trips

Last week, Janet, Marcia and Luke took a drift boat trip on the Kasilof River with our guide Mike Wheat.  Luke hooked another King Salmon and it was returned to the river.  The trip was a wonderful leisure time trip with good conversation, a hooked king salmon and a break for me from lodge activities.  Steve put the ocean boat in at Seward and fished the next day with Megan at his side.  It was a successful fishing trip as they hooked into 25 Silvers, rock fish, Halibut and Sea Bass.

We are looking forward to another awesome Redfish Season here at the lodge and are really looking forward to the salmon run, campfires, tall stories, and mostly seeing you.

-Marcia Stuber

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