Alaska Redfish Lodge – Other Tips…

What’s the best way to avoid mosquitoes?

Fortunately, Alaskan species of mosquitoes do not carry illnesses such as malaria. However, the mosquitoes can be relentless pests that cause tremendous discomfort. Mosquitoes are most often found near standing water, in the forest and on low tundra. They’re present during all the warm months, but taper off late in the summer. Wear long sleeves, long pants and a hat; go where mosquitoes aren’t; or use bug dope with a high percentage of DEET. Applications based on citronella or Avon’s Skin-So-Soft also work for some people.

Is it dark all the time? When is the midnight sun?

Summer is a time of long days. Above the Arctic Circle, the day can be 24 hours long or months long. In Anchorage, almost 400 miles south of the circle, the summer solstice day is 19.5 hours long. Winter has much shorter days. Above the Arctic Circle, the night can last for months, although lingering twilight brightens the sky. In Anchorage, the shortest day still provides 4.5 hours of daylight. Around the equinoxes in March and September, Alaska gets the same 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness the rest of the world does.

FAQ – Other Tips…

When can I see the northern lights?

Winter visitors have the best chance of seeing the northern lights, or aurora borealis. Even though the electromagnetic activity that creates the aurora occurs all year high overhead, the lights are mainly visible only at night in the Winter months.

Can I take my fish home?

There are UPS and FedEx shipping facilities located throughout the Kenai Peninsula as well as harborside shops and some meat/fish shops in larger towns provide freezing, smoking and shipping service for people who want to send their salmon or halibut home. Overnight delivery to the continental US and some parts of Hawaii is available through FedEx and UPS; however, it is not possible to ship perishables such as fish and wild game internationally-this includes Canada. Travelers can also take a cooler home on their return flight; international travelers will have to verify with their home-customs regulations. Deep freeze fish fillets, add frozen gel-packs as necessary and fill voids of space with folded newspaper to prevent the thaw and spoil of your catch.

Are there ATMs? Are credit cards accepted?

All banks in Alaska have the same features as they do in the other 49 states. Most banks in Alaska are part of national or regional chains. Automated teller machines are found at many banks, grocery stores, gas stations and some hotels. Visa and MasterCard are accepted statewide. Many businesses also accept Discover and American Express. Traveler’s checks are usually accepted.

Where can I check my e-mail?

Red Fish Lodge offers Internet access for guests. Internet access is available at most public libraries. Most larger hotels and motels also offer free Internet access. Many towns have coffee shops and cafes with for-a-fee Internet service.

Visitor Centers

Local visitor information centers can be found in the communities of Anchor Point, Cooper Landing, Homer, Kenai, Seward, and Soldotna.